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The Vampires Cross is a silver cross that was designed by a group of monks in 1300 Europe. One of the brotherhood helped a young woman to birth her child. Once the child was born, he came to realize that it was not entirely human. The child, eyes were as black as night and already had the teeth of a demon. The man cried out in horror as he turned to the woman, who reached out for her child.

Overwhelmed by rage for what he considered an abomination, he dropped the screaming child to the floor and lunged at the woman strangling her with his rosary. Once her body fell limp beneath his grasp he turned his attention to the still crying child. Again he chose to squeeze the life out of this tiny frail creature. When the child finally passed he picked up a large knife from a table and quickly removed the head of the child from its lifeless body.

He gathered the child’s head and made his way back to his monastery where the monk told his story of a mortal woman who had birthed a vampiric child. They then decided to remove the flesh from the small skull. It was then cleaned and affixed to the center of a pure silver cross. The brotherhood placed the cross outside the monastery as a warning to all those who disgrace god.

The next night, the father of the murdered child came to exact his vengeance on the man who killed his child. Under the light of a hunters moon 100 men were torn limb from limb, their mangled bodies were drug into the courtyard and thrown into a pool of holy water. The night air carried the cries of a father mourning the death of a child. He bathed within the desecrated water, then brought the cross bearing his sons skull and submerged it, as if to give the child his first and only taste of blood.

Suddenly the blood stained water began to bubble and boil. The moon above turned red with blood and a viscous storm tore through the night. The cross then absorbed every drop of blood that once filled the courtyard pool, and then began to glow with an eerie red and purple hue.

The following night the still enraged father took the cross and carved sacred symbols into its 4 points. Within the sign of the cross, reads “Blood is Power the Soul is Life” and a legend was born. The cross has the power to give life back to newly dead vampires as well as decimate any and all who stand before he who carries it.

The name of the father has never been known or recorded. The current location of the cross is unknown but it is avidly searched for. It is believed that the Vampire cross holds several other powers, but until it is found, those powers are and may always be unknown.