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The Guardian color by Iron Dead Studios

Original Concept drawing by The Breed creator Charles Barbin

Guardian not only to the BREED but most importantly, of the Shadowsphere. After the sphere was discovered, the Priest and all BREED came to realize the absolute power it possessed. Unfortunately, so did the armies of all other God’s and soon; hunters, collectors, thieves and men of battle came from far and wide in search of the mysterious sphere, in hopes to harness its power. For years they came and sought out the sacred object and killed all that stood in their way. The Priest declared that not another BREED shall ever die at the hands of another who should ever seek to possess the power of the sphere. It was then that plans were made for the creation of a sacred guardian, a massive stone and steel statue of a savage gargoyle.

Physical Description:

Its body was carved from ghost white marble and joined together at all of its joints by forged iron. The creature’s upper and lower jaws were lined with razor sharp teeth its claws were not unlike farm sickles. The beast’s tale was adorned with an insidious blade that could pierce any armor and slice through man or beast with the greatest of ease. Fiery red jewels were fashioned into eyes for the beast. The Guardian was set atop the highest tower of the town church, its right arm reaching to the heavens. Within its grasp, lay the Shadow Sphere.

Historical Stories:

Shortly after its creation, an army came to acquire the object that the creature held. When these men came upon the church, every man, woman and child moved aside to allow them through. The leader of these brave, heroic men climbed atop the lifeless statue and removed the magical sphere. Right at that moment, he and his men came to realize why they were allowed to move freely through the church. The Guardian suddenly sprang to life and quickly dispatched all who came to take that which was not theirs. The bodies fell in heaps, broken, bloody and torn apart. Throughout the years armies came and armies fell to the savagery of the BREED’s new protector.