Main house Built in the early 1500's, cottages on the property built in the 1300's. Acheived historical status in the 1970's.  250 acres, mostly wooded, several streams, two lakes and an old quarry. The house was nearly as daunting. Over 9000 sq ft, 13 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, 3 libraries, 2 reception rooms, a conference room, 1 ballroom, and 27 fireplaces in the 1940's the family added an addition to thee rear of the main house, two bedrooms, two baths and an open kitchen/ dining room, all accessible to the main house.  Secret passages lead to catacombs and chambers dating to before the Inquisition. Deep under the Catacombs is a large maze. in the maze is Eliidra.. Dragon guardian of the ancient Celtic artifacts hidden with in.

Artifacts: Artifacts of Celtic Power:  NOTE: All the listed articles are currently being held in the care of Eliidra in the catacombs beneath the FLYNN ESTATE in Ireland.  Holy Grail: drinking Vessel of Jesus Christ, grants immortality Club of Dagda -Lorg mo’r kills with one end, resurrects with the other Cloich Tabail (slingshot of Lugh): Never misses  Goswhit (Helmet of King Arthur): gives the wearer the ability of true battle sight Cruadun Catachenn (Sword): Sword of Cu’ Chulainn, never fails Duban (Shield of Chulainn): black Shield of Cu’ Chulainn. ultimate defense, unbreakable, creates a light shield around the bearer. Cauldron of Ceridwen: Most powerful Cauldron of Celtic Legend, grants wisdom and inspiration to the user, makes the most powerful of potions even more powerful.  Undry (cauldron of never ending food, a Dagda Artifact)  Uaithne (magic harp) controls men’s emotions, changes the seasons

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