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The Breed is a dark and mystical multimedia property presented by Midian Entertainment LLC. The characters and stories within the Breed span a megaverse of timelines and locations. The creatures that exist within the multiverse are as diverse as they are mysterious. The stories are presented in multiple media and formats including books, films, graphic novels and video games.

Although the megaverse was originally created around the 1990's by Charles Barbin and Raymond Wade, an experienced team of creators (writers and artists) have been assembled to bring a vast majority of the characters and stories to life. 

"The time of the Great Awakening is upon us. Kaja's eyes are open. The dream has now become a fierce new reality... The choices are few: Either join one of many ranks of the BREED, hide in the shadows and hope it's all a bad dream, or fight. Your choice. Choose wisely." -- Charlie

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The Breed is filled with many supernatural and mystical creatures. Some are dark and sinister while others are light and benevolent but each is special is some way. Many individual members of the Breed, for many different reasons, formed groups or factions. They may often be called clans, covens, or even "packs . . . but not always.. While some are divided by race or species, others are divided by money and power, yet no matter their differences,  all strive for one precious thing . . .


Some of the known "factions" or groups include:
Seven Sisters, The Gentlemen, The
BlackSheep, The Collectors, The
Scarlet Vipers, The Sentinels, The
Warlords, The Council, The
Techers, The Wolfpack, The
Walkers, The Wicked, The
Shadowmen, The Dreamers, The
Hunters, The Nature's Savage Force
Kenetics, The Salem Sirens, The

It would be foolish to think that a record of every Breed that ever existed has been kept, as would it be to think that all those that have been kept have all been found. Some of the known members of Breed history include:

Name Classification Affiliation
Kaja God None
Talmude The first Dark Priest None
TriXter Uknown
Osirus Werewolf Wolfpack
Psycho Werewolf Wolfpack
Dark Priest, The Unknown
Mr. Stitch Fear Eater
William Nightshade Unknown
Adria Nightshade Unknown
Dr. David Brown Human
Lauren Brown Human
Daven Brown Human
Robert Collinsworth The Toymaker
Alester Demon
John Wilson Dreams
Angel of Death, The Unknown
Kalomaun Dog
Dustin Heinric Steel
Charles Lawton The Englishmen
David Thomas Human
Dianna Thomas Human
Erik Craine Human
Meg Craine Human
Elisabeth Fayte Lady Fate
Stephan Evans Human Sheriff
Vertina Mirga Witch The Seven Sisters
Aria Geary Witch The Seven Sisters
Minami Zhu Witch The Seven Sisters
Cassia Beck Witch The Seven Sisters
Honoria Clark Witch The Seven Sisters
Beimnet Witch The Seven Sisters
Melisent Barrett Witch The Seven Sisters

It appears that same groups and individuals center their association based on an artifact and many other common items.

Some of the artifacts and items that have been documented or discovered include:

Breed Artifacts Oct 2017..jpg Breed Items Oct 2017..jpg

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Places with suspected Breed activity or relevence:

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Groups organized with the sole purpose of battling, hunting, or eliminating Breed creatures. Most often started by religious fanatics or those who feel wrong by a particular Breed.

  1. Order of the Tarot

There is still much to learn, we discover new things every day. In order to keep up with the latest discoveries, or to help profide information that may help to document the Breed, please conside one of the following pages.

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