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Techers were formed in the time of Da Vinci , learning from his teachings and ideas. Using BREED magic combined with technology, they are a completely independent and mobile group. They recruit highly intelligent and successful people. Acting as hired help for the BREED, they are highly skilled tactical group specializing in areas such as robotics, engineering, applied science. They are the brains of the BREED, following where money leads them.

Further Info

Are a highly skilled and proficient group of weapons designers and computer programmers who lend their skills to the highest bidders. They have no one static base of operation; they are completely mobile and are able to relocate at a moment’s notice. Working well under the radar of all government agencies they work with complete anonymity. Their security systems, self-defense tools and custom military grade weapons are highly sought after. While they work with and supply many forms of highly lethal weaponry they refuse to work with any viruses or nuclear devices they are independent defense contractors, not agents of Genocide. The modern day Tech’er is the end product of a wealth of history through the progression of technology. What is now known as a Tech’er started centuries ago with the first Tech’er, Leonardo da Vinci. Aggeggio is the name chosen for the organization now known as the Tech’ers, it is Italian for gadget. Da Vinci was not only a skilled painter artist and tinkerer but he was also an ingenious weapons designer. Da Vinci was a skilled mathematician an architect and engineer whose unimaginable skill and wealth of knowledge led to the design and construction of some of the most formidable weapons of his time or any other. His genius is what all Tech’ers aspire to achieve, if only for an instant. Remember, it is not always the biggest or the strongest that wins the fight, sometimes it is the fastest and the smartest. Do try and keep up! There are 5 levels of advancement within the ranks of the Tech’ers

  • Level 1 Designer C.W.D. creative weapons designer
  • Level 2 Intern
  • Level 3 Researchers, Lab Tech
  • Level 4 Programmer
  • Level 5 Supervisors, Group Leader

Till death there is no retirement.

Notable Techers