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Cinnamon Oil

Spice is an oil that’s origins are unknown and its list of ingredient’s has been forever lost to time. The oils use or intended use is debated among various members of the BREED. For the elders it has been used as a means to look into themselves or through the looking glass, causing a trance like state. The youth has used it for quite a different reason. In small doses it has been used as a stimulant. It has also been known to increase ones strength or at times to mutate or kick start a beast’s change. Currently, the only thing that does act in much the same way is to be honest, cinnamon oil. The oil used for candy is widely used today as a drug. It amplifies change and strength in small doses, and in larger doses permanent, mutated change.

How to Make Spice

  • Get a large glass jar, preferably amber or green glass. A wide mouth, with straight sides (like in the picture) is preferable for ease in pouting and straining out the ingredients.
  • Fill the jar as tightly as you can with cinnamon sticks.
  • Pour the olive oil over the cinnamon sticks until they are covered with oil.
  • Leave the jar to stand in a warm spot, like a sunny windowsill. Shake the jar daily, to help release the cinnamon oils into the base oil.
  • After about three weeks, the oils in the cinnamon sticks will have been released into the oil, and you will have cinnamon oil. Strain the oil with cheesecloth or something similar, or just pull the cinnamon sticks out of the oil with your fingers. Bottle the oil in amber glass bottles, and store them in a cool, dark place.