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Approximately around 1722, a group of Catholics built an impressive institution and called it Sacrum Cor. Roughly translated, it means Sacred Heart.

In 1741, a group of people approached the priests and nuns at the Sacred Heart, providing them enough funds to begin a much-needed educational facility. There were plenty of rooms to house the students and teachers, as well as a full staff of cooks and housekeepers. Agreeing to this, the priests and nuns set about to finding students.

In 1804, seven young women were brought to the academy late one night. Each had their own carriage. Their only similarity was their age. The eldest being thirteen, the youngest, seven. Each one came from a different background, different heritage. They were brought to the academy to learn many things, including magic. They received training at the hands of several different instructors, but not priests or nuns.

On April 15, 1841, the seven girls came into their own power. Afterwards, the priests and nuns were removed from the academy and new, elite students were brought in to be taught to use their special skills. These seven women are known as the Seven Sisters. Witches by birthright, powerful and deadly. To this day, the Sacred Heart Academy still recruits elite young women to be taught in the historical school.

*Sacred Hall" by: Edward Suchacek II

Founding Members

Name Element Traits
Vertina Mirga Earth Easy going, eldest
Aria Geary Air Quiet, loyal
Minami Zhu Fire Quick Tempered
Cassia Beck Water Strong willed, yet easy going
Honoria Clark Spirit Curious, odd
Beimnet Light Casual, listens well
Melisent Barrett Darkness Spoiled, quick temper



Midian Entertainment is in development of a feature length film featuring the Seven Sisters. It's title and plot are still unknown but what would the first Sisters film be without telling about the original founding witches and the birth of their "coven"?






Some of the merchandise that is attached to the Seven Sisters may include (but not limited to):

BREED: EliXirs


Each of the Seven Sisters is to be featured on a different and appropriate beverages of a special collectors edition of our Breed:EliXir beverages. Each drink will be a tasty representation of the character reflected on the can. These special collector edition cans will be produced in a limited amount and will be available for a short time.

Character EliXir Flavor
Vertina Mirga Earth
Aria Geary Air
Minami Zhu Fire Cherry & Cinnamon blast with a splash of tropical fruit juice
Cassia Beck Water
Honoria Clark Spirit
Beimnet Light
Melisent Barrett Darkness

Release Date : TBA

Action Figures & Statuettes


  • Created by: Charles Barbin
  • Characters and Story by: Mel McWilliams Chesley & Charles Barbin
  • Screenplay by:

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  • An appearance of a form of the Seven Sisters was written into the first screenplay for the Midnight Carnival. That screenplay has not yet been used for any media.