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Erik Craine was born on September 9, 1972 but was reborn as Mr Stitch through Dark Birth on Oct 31, 1991, allowing him to exact his unholy vengeance on those who not only killed him but allowed his death to go unpunished. He has come back as the vengeful being known as Mr. Stich. He knows fear and uses it to torment and eventually kill his victims. To aid in his relentless slaughter; he carries with him The Fear Blade, a savage razor edged knife made for him by the man he looked up to like a father, David Thomas. Forever by his side are his three resurrected hounds that serve their master's every sinister whim.

"Fear not the darkness for it’s what lurks within shadows that one must FEAR." -- Charlie

Origin Story

To be provided with the release of Midian Entertainment's film entitled Feeding on Fear.






Mr. Stitch makes an appearance in many of Midian Entertainment's multimedia productions. So far he appears in 2 full length feature films, the CCG and the MMORPG as well as a graphic novel and statuettes.


To date, Midian Entertainment is currently in preproduction of one film featuring Mr. Stitch. The film is currently using Feeding on Fear as the title and is hoping to film in Chartiers Township, Pa in the fall of 2018.

Feeding on Fear

The first appearance of Mr. Stitch in a feature length film. The film explains his origin story.
Principal Cast
Directed by
  • Anthony Coliano
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Other Films




  • The screenplay for the Mr. Stitch origin film entitled "Feeding on Fear" was written by Ken King and was the first screenplay commissioned by Midian Entertainment for The Breed. The screenplay was registered with the WGAE on February 13, 2012. ID# VWNA3E23C7EA

Graphic Novel





BREED: EliXirs


Fear EliXir 3D Render Demo

Alternative Fear EliXir Demo Label

Flavor: Spiced Apple

Action Figures & Statuettes

Props & Replicas

The Fear Blade
  • Designed by Breed creator Charles Barbin.
  • 3D render by Renegade Tool & Design
  • Handcrafted by Artificum Solis LLC Custom Bladeworks
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  • Mr. Stitch Story and Character by Charles Barbin
  • Feeding on Fear Screenplay and Characters by Ken King
  • Mr. Stitch Concept Art by Charles Barbin & Chad A. Dulac
  • Mr. Stitch Illustration & Feeding on Fear Movie Poster by Dennis Willman of Iron Dead Studios
  • The Fear Blade Concept Design by Charles Barbin
  • The Fear Blade 3D Render by Renegade Tool & Design
  • The Fear Blade Smithing by Artificum Solis LLC Custom Bladeworks

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