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About Us

Midian Entertainment LLC is a veteran owned and operated multi-media production company, founded in Pennsylvania in December of 2010 by high school friends Raymond A Wade Jr. and Charles R. Barbin.

Midian Entertainment, through a vast network of professionals from numerous industries, produces a wide variety of entertaining and artistic multimedia including films, music, novels, and video games. Midian Entertainment invests heavily into the production and sale of promotional merchandise to help in the marketing of its properties.
The primary property produced by Midian Entertainment is “The Breed” multiverse of stories, characters, media, and merchandise.
Midian Entertainment invests heavily in people and the community by sharing proceeds with organizations that focus on:
  • US Military Veterans and their families
  • Cancer Research, Treatment, and Support
  • Parental Alienation, Parental Rights, and Co-Parenting.
Charles R. Barbin (CCO) is the creator of all the original stories and characters within the Breed multiverse, while Raymond A. Wade Jr. (CEO) serves as Producer on all “The Breed” multimedia projects.

Mission Statement

Midian Entertainment is a veteran owned and operated multimedia production company that strives to feature the work and efforts of; military veterans, choice non-profit organizations, and under-rated or undiscovered talent, while providing quality entertainment across multiple industries and media including; print, audio, video and gaming.

Statement of Purpose

Midian Entertainment LLC is a Pennsylvania based multimedia production company specializing in the production of entertaining, creative, and merchandisable multimedia projects. Many of the projects that Midian Entertainment is involved in bridge many types of media including art, music, movies, toys, books, games (both digital and traditional), as well as food and beverages.
With all of the current controversy surrounding many Hollywood production companies and their Executives, Midian and its board will strive to ensure that all persons involved with Midian Entertainment (and its projects) are treated fairly and provided due respect, credit and compensation.
Midian Entertainment understands the difficulty artists have getting their work exposed to a massive commercial audience; therefore, Midian Entertainment will strive to feature as many of these "undiscovered artists" in company projects as possible.
Midian Entertainment believes that our military veterans are owed a great debt from the American people; therefore, Midian Entertainment’s workforce and freelancers will feature military veterans and their families. Midian Entertainment will strive to maintain a minimum of 50% military veteran involvement in all of its projects and throughout the company.
Many non-profit organizations serve a great purpose to society, yet they remain under-funded. Midian Entertainment will strive to support chosen non-profit organizations through donations, sponsorships, and volunteer efforts.
Midian Entertainment feels that "a strong community bares the best fruit"; therefore, Midian will strive to be a positive entity within any community it serves and help build a positive future by supporting creative and artistic community efforts within the United States and abroad.


Midian Entertainment is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of current Class A members elected by Class A and Class B members in good standing. The Board of Directors and all board meetings are governed by Robert's Rules of Order and The By-Laws of Midian Entertainment.
Current Board of Directors

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Class A

Class B

  • May attend General Membership meetings
  • May vote in Board Member elections and General Membership meetings
  • Shares in Midian Entertainment profits (1 share = .01%)
Current Membership

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