The oldest and believed to be the original inhabitants of the land where Kaja fell. They resided deep within the darkness of the caves that lined the vast and beautiful land. Their true form has never been accurately described nor is it believed to have one. For you see they only comes out in the dark of the night and feeds on the fear of any who cross their path. They take the form of ones deepest darkest fear and feed off of your screams until every drop of life you have has been drained. Leaving nothing but an empty shell. It is also said that their shadows can swallow a man whole. Their true essence is all but extinct but there are those that adapted through the centuries and taken up other forms. It is said that some of them walk among us still, feeding on our fears!

Fear Eaters are a once magnificent creature that had been hunted to extinction. They were hunted and butchered for what they had to offer man. Every part of the beast held some type of healing property. The creature greatly resembled a bison, with almost glowing amber eyes and long reddish brown fawn coat. They possessed the ability to read the minds of predators and mentally project their fears. If ever cornered they would let out a blood curdling howl, that would make most creatures cower in terror. It is believed that the spirit of the last of this once majestic creature, now roams free in search of a deserving soul that needs its powers.

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