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Power Elixir

In the BREED world:

An EliXir is any beverage that provides an enhancement to the mid or body.

In the REAL world:

Midian Entertainment LLC. produces a full line of beverages that it markets with its major properties. The product line includes coffees, teas, sodas, water, and energy drinks. New beverages are developed and released to assist in the marketing of related multimedia projects.

Seven Sisters

Each of the Seven Sisters is to be featured on a different and appropriate beverages of a special collectors edition of our Breed:EliXir beverages. Each drink will be a tasty representation of the character reflected on the can. These special collector edition cans will be produced in a limited amount and will be available for a short time.
Character EliXir Flavor
Vertina Mirga Earth
Aria Geary Air
Minami Zhu Fire Cherry & Cinnamon blast with a splash of tropical fruit juice
Cassia Beck Water
Honoria Clark Spirit
Beimnet Light
Melisent Barrett Darkness

Release Date : TBA