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Tearstar Tearstar 4 April 2018

The BREED: The Megaverse grows . . .

Much has happened since my last blog post.

A few of the authors that Mel has brought on board have really stood up and started producing material. David has working on some Tech'er stuff, Lauri has introduced the fae and Raven's Hollow, and John is working with the Blacksheep. David has narrated each draft of the writer's works so that I can enjoy the stories while driving since I can never make time to read in my busy schedule.

The writers and I have been working on finalizing contract terms and I continue to meet with prospective partners and investors.

The part I find most difficult with producing a product of this magnitude so quickly, is that there are very few resources available on line for something of this scale. Sure I can find exam…

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Tearstar Tearstar 9 November 2017

The BREED: The Birth of a Megaverse

Greetings, and welcome to The Breed Megaverse. I will attempt to use this blog to not only explain what it's like producing a project this large and diverse, but also to keep you updated and informed about what is going on "behind the scenes".

This is my first blog post on the Breed wiki because up until now there wasn't much going on to talk about other than one film (Feeding on Fear) being written and cast. But things have changed a lot in the past year or so.

I recruited Mel McWilliams Chesley, an american author friend that I had worked with on a previous project or two, and asked her if she would like to take on the role of Creative Director and handle the Creative Division of Midian Entertainment. Since doing so, Mel has recruited seve…

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